Classic Gardens

2 अंतर्गत जागा 400, 600 लोक

1 अंतर्गत जागा 2000 लोक

+91 40 6529 5671

H.No- 152, Ranibagh, Balamrai, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003, India, Secunderabad
+91 40 6529 5671
बॅन्क्वेट हॉल
ठिकाण शहरामध्ये
Allowed to bring outside catering होय
पार्किंग 1500 कार्ससाठी खाजगी पार्किंग
मद्यपान सेवा नाही
स्वत: ची मद्य पेये आणण्यास परवानगी होय
सजावटीचे नियम स्वत: चे सजावटकार आणण्यास परवानगी
स्वत: चे विक्रेते आणण्यास परवानगी फोटोग्राफर, व्हिडिओग्राफर, केक, डीजे, फटाके, लाइव्ह संगीत
नवपरिणीतांसाठी रूम नाही
पेमेंट पद्धती रोकड, बँक ट्रान्सफर
विशेष वैशिष्ठ्ये एयर कंडीशनर, वायफाय / इंटरनेट, स्टेज, प्रोजेक्टर, टीव्ही स्क्रीन्स, बाथरूम

Classic Garden - the architecture of the royal traditional Indian decor, impressive lawn size, classic elegant halls with pleasant artificial lighting. Having come to this place, you seem to find yourself in another world - secluded, free and picturesque, living by its own laws.

Convenient location

To get Classic Garden you do not have to leave the city, the venue is located in the centre of Secunderabad. This is an excellent location, first, regarding the main traffic junctions and the airport of the city, which is literally 10 minutes walking. Secondly, the place is surrounded by green areas and other scenic areas where you can walk and take photos for memory.

Classic venues

Owners of the Classic Garden know that Indian wedding is always a great holiday, where all relatives and friends are invited, so here they offer only areas with a large capacity. There are 2 banquet halls for 400 and 600 guests. The royal interior with noble colours and traditional Indian decor looks impressive. Any couple would be happy to celebrate their wedding here.

Another site is an impressive marriage lawn, where you can arrange a family picnic and organize entertainment areas for your holiday. The territory is designed for 2000 people. At the same time, you can count on the following pleasant service:

  • lighting arrangement
  • high quality tent materials

Come to Classic Garden and enjoy this magical world and the atmosphere of elegance that reigns here.

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प्रकार बाह्य जागा

आसन क्षमता 2000 व्यक्ती

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प्रकार अंतर्गत जागा

आसन क्षमता 600 व्यक्ती

Possible to rent without food होय

प्रकार अंतर्गत जागा

आसन क्षमता 400 व्यक्ती

Possible to rent without food होय

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